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And now for something completly different

I've been thinking lately about the wedding and weddingy stuff. I think I've decided what colours I want, and what flowers, and what colour flowers :P
I think i've decided on a theme, we think we've decided on a ceremony and recpetion venue (one day on the way home in the car I just said 'How about...' and chris is like 'Oh.. not bad') and on a reception type.
I think.
I'm going to call up some places soon I think, finally get some wheels into motion (perhaps when we move out I'll start). Me and Chris aren't looking at going 'all out' on wedding stuff because we want to pay more attention to the honey moon, we want to go over-seas (not too far, just next-door in New Zealand) and we want the first week or two of our married life perfect.
I think.
I'll tell you the basics (Ie- my colours) but not venue just yet.

I want Light Blue dresses and vests from Bridesmaids and Best Men (unsure if I want my flowery girl in a brides maid dress, a duplicate wedding dress or her own little dress) and I want the flowers for the brides maids to be light pink gerberas.
I want to be holding white, cream and off yellow gerberas.
No Idea about Chris.
I want to have some sort of a start thing going, but I'm not sure of how to go about that just yet...
The recpetion, we both want to be a 'cocktail style' which means finger food and a big bar tab. Rows of tables and sitting down for toasts etc, but other than that it's going to be no formal dinner.
I'd like to either hire a baby sitter or something to mind the coming kids in an area of the recpetion (like in a corner dedicated to the kids) or if not a baby sitter just a willing guest or just hope the kids keep them in toe.
My hair, I want up in a nice bun, i'm trying to grow it.
My dress I'm going to buy from somewhere, soon I'll be going up to the 'Bridal Warehouse' on the north-side to check out the stuff there, they have very very cheap (yet new) dresses and things.. I'm not going to spend $2000 on a dress that I'll only where once :) Besides, the less you pay the less you'll worry and the more that you can pay to have more stuff done on it!

Have I babbled and bored you enough yet? I've cross-posted this from my own journal, alocin
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