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I Want...

To walk up the Aisle to my favourite love song.


But I don't know if I should tell people, or leave it as a secret.........


It's a non classical/musical song.. I want to ask for opinions but I don't want to give it away *erm erm*
I don't think you guys would have heard it anyways..
What would YOU think about someone walking up the aisle to a non-traditional/modern song?
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i say do it
It's your wedding and it's meant to be an expression of you.
I know of lotsa people who are walking up (and back down) the aisle to all kindsa stuff.
We used the Forrest Gump Suite for me to walk down the aisle and then Shine Like It Does (INXS) to walk back up once we were married.
Friend of mine used a traditional song to walk down the aisle, then One Love (Bob Marly) to walk back up once hitched.
AND yet another girl i know is using "all I want is you" to walk down the aisle.

Do what you guys want to do, it's gotta feel right to you :)
Yes, do what makes you feel best, and what expresses who you both are the most.
But don't tell us the song name. You know people will think "that's a great idea!" and you know how you feel when people steal your ideas.
I mean, you can do whatever you want, it's your wedding.

But really, I wanted to ask where you guys live. I was just looking for people talking about weddings, and found you guys and thought I'd ask. I'm getting married in May.
I think that you should walk up the aisle to whatever you want to. It's your wedding.
Hey, it's neat that you have your own little community here!
You should do whatever you want as it is your own wedding. Our of curiosity when are you two getting married?
June 2003 :)

thanks :D
Well at least you still have a bit of time to mull over the details.
and also so we can both get jobs and save up the money :D
its your wedding so entirely your choice- there are so many beautiful pieces of music to choose from.

mind you- i went to a wedding once where the bride walked up the aisle to Queen's 'fat bottom girls" i thought that was a bit tacky....