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could be interesting.....

My driving instructor's daughter is getting married and so he was telling me of bits and bobs and prices and things.. and anyway, he told me of a place where she bought her dress.
It's called 'Bridal Discount Warehouse' and it's on the north side of Brisbane (Strapthpine).

The dresses are brand new and go from sizes 8-26 but they are at a low low low price... his daughter got her dress and veil for $249 AU (that's about 91.29 British Pounds and $131.35 US for those other readers) When people have been saying you can't get quality for that price, but considering it doesn't cost that much to make a dress (at cost price) and then you can afford to pay someone else to modify the dress to really make it your special one. (or you could do it yourself)

It could be worth a look-see.. sometime when I get my car I'll go for a drive up there.. :)
If anyone's interested I can give you the address and phone number :) it's open 7 days even!!

Bye Bye!
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