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Nikki gots Ideas.. :P

You know with weddings, you need place names and a lil present for each of the guests.. WELL.. I had an Idea (I've been thinking of it for a while) but how's this for a good idea..

Instead of placenames and a gift, why not do them all in one.. buy a whole lot of glass tumblers from somewhere, and a whole lot of neato coloured glass "pebbles", some water and a bunch of floating candles.. Oh, and some stuff that writes on glass...

On the tumbler write whoever's name, then on the other side write 'Chris and Nikki Mensforth.. [insert date here]' then fill the glass up with water, drop the pebbles in the bottom and have the cadle floating on top.. or not even a candle (I understand how a lit candle will burn quick and won't be a good present while an unlit one looks useless) Just something floatable that's cool.. :D

I think it'd be kick ass and stuff.. PLEASE post a comment saying what you thinks :D

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